domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

Paseo 26-1-14

Un vecchio mobile da falegmane diventa il tavolo di questa splendida cucina...

Hello all! Hoping you are having an amazing day!

What a charming inviting & pretty. 


Just one of our rustic plant pots that have been lovingly upcycled with Autentico Paint and French graphics! Would you like to transform a plant pot of your own like this! I will be running drop in mini workshops starting in Feb. Prices starting from as little as £10. All you have to bring is a small plant pot. Just putting the feelers out to see if anyone is interested. Xxx

In this kitchen cabinet doors disguise refrigerators, ovens, and wine storage:



Una foto de My French Country Home.


shabby chic by nita

S i m p l y ♥ L o v e l y

Powder Room Details

blissfulb - bliss blog

Doggie in Provence
stripes in the foyer

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